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Curious Things to Do with Pip & Kim!

Pip & Kim’s ‘Things to Do’ page has some exciting projects and activities for all the family.

Scroll down the page to see our ‘how to’ videos and downloadable instruction sheets.

If you are not able to download and print out our activity sheets just get in touch with us here at the Museum and you can arrange to collect a free activity pack full of fun and curious things to do!

Project 1: Make a Nature Notebook

Young explorers Pip & Kim are forever on the lookout for interesting plants and animals when they are on an expedition.

Like their Great Uncle Mervyn used to, Pip & Kim always carry their nature notebooks with them so that they can make notes about what they have seen. They record each specimen by taking photographs, drawing or painting pictures and making a note of the date, place and anything else which fascinates them about their finds.

Now you can make your own nature notebook! Watch the video to see how it’s done or download the instruction sheet (PDF) below.

We would love to share some photographs of your nature notebooks on our social media. If you are happy for us to share please email them to

Project 2: Nature Trail

Join Pip & Kim on a nature trail, exploring the world outside and discovering how nature designs living

things. See how many shapes, colours and patterns you can find and check them off the list.

You can either download your nature trail activity sheet using the link below or if you would like one of our activity packs, email us and we will arrange a time for you to collect. As well as all our activity sheets, the pack contains a fab Wildlife Spotter Guide (thank you North Devon Coast AONB) to help you find and identify our local wildlife.

Click here to download the Nature Trail Activity Sheet

Project 4: Shrunken Head

Great Uncle Mervyn encountered many curious people and weird and wonderful artefacts on his explorations. The Palmer Room at Ilfracombe Museum, which is named after Great Uncle Mervyn Palmer, has some fascinating discoveries on display. Some of these were collected by Great Uncle Mervyn and others donated by members of the public.

Pip & Kim love to look at these objects from far off lands and the more curious and peculiar the better.

Pip’s favourite is the shrunken head from South America! Even though it looks really creepy it is not really a human head but a tourist souvenir made from goat skin and monkey hair. If you would like to make your very own shrunken head we have put together an activity sheet to show you how.

To help you, we also have activity packs, containing cotton wool and grass seeds, here at the Museum for you to collect. You will need to provide your own “head”!

Click here to download the shrunken head activity sheet

Project 3: Curious Compass Rose

When Pip & Kim go exploring, they use a compass to make sure they are going in the right direction.

Compasses can be very plain or beautifully decorative. Simple ones may just have a magnetic needle which points to the North and others may show a compass rose, a geometric pattern of compass points, resembling the pattern of a rose’s petals.

Use the shapes, patterns and colours you have discovered on your nature trail to decorate your own compass rose. Download the activity sheet here or email us for an activity pack containing all our activity sheets.

Click here to download the Curious Compass Rose Activity Sheet

Project 5: Curious Creatures Plate

Ilfracombe Museum is full of the most weird and wonderful exhibits. Like Great Uncle Mervyn, Pip & Kim are fascinated by curious creatures and one of their favourite things in the museum is this amazing Palissy ware plate, decorated with a collection of small animals, all on a bed of wiggly grass! If you would like to make your own Curious Creatures plate you can download our activity sheet from this page. We would love to see your finished plates so don’t forget to send us a picture by email to or share to our Facebook page.

Download instructions to make your Curious Creatures Plate

Palissy ware plate

Project 6: Curious Specimen in a Jar

Calling all young Dr Frankensteins… we are looking for the most weird and wonderful Curious Creature Specimens to exhibit at Ilfracombe Museum!

Pip & Kim are fascinated by the things in jars at Ilfracombe Museum. We have some intriguing specimens; some will make you go “Wow!” others might make you go “Eeeyuck”, like the collection of bats and a kitten born with two heads! Pip & Kim would love you to create your own curious specimen in a jar and we will pick our favourites to be displayed in the Museum’s Cabinet of Curiosities!

Just watch our ‘how to’ video or download the activity sheet below and when you have finished your specimen in a jar – don’t forget to give it a silly name! – share a photo of it with us by email to or on our Facebook page @ilfmuseum or Instagram @Ilfracombe_Museum.

Open to all ages. Closing date Sunday 21 June 2021. If your Curious Specimen is selected for exhibition, we will display it in the Museum from July to the beginning of September and award you with an Ilfracombe Museum Certificate of Authenticity, a free family ticket to the Museum. Your specimen will be returned to you at the end of the exhibition.

Download Curious Specimen Instructions here: things in jars

Stay Curious Activity Sheets

Here are some activity sheets for you to download. If you can’t print these out at home, please email the Museum and you can arrange to collect one of our free Stay Curious activity packs.

Where’s Mervyn?

Great Uncle Mervyn has gone missing. Can you help Pip & Kim to find him?

Butterfly Maze

There is a rare butterfly trapped in the jungle maze. Find the path which leads to the butterfly and help Pip & Kim save this endangered species.

Complete the Drawing

Pip had started to draw some pictures of specimens she found in the jungle. She had to rush off to save a baby howler monkey stuck up a tree so she needs you to finish the pictures for her. When you have finished you can colour the picture in using your pencils, pens, paint or collage. We would love to see your finished artwork so please do share it with us on our Facebook page or email it to for us to add to our Stay Curious social media art & craft galleries.

More fun activities below…