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Meet Pip & Kim and Great Uncle Mervyn

Pip & Kim are two young explorers who would love you to join them on their adventures!

Pip & Kim’s Great Uncle Mervyn was a famous explorer and entomologist. He travelled to countries in South America and Central America and brought back specimens and artefacts for Museums around the world.

When his travelling days were over, Great Uncle Mervyn came to live in Ilfracombe and in 1932 he founded our amazing Ilfracombe Museum, filling it with weird and wonderful exhibits from around the world.

Like their Great Uncle Mervyn, Pip & Kim also explore the world discovering unknown animals and plants and helping to save endangered species. Unlike explorers in the olden days though, Pip & Kim only capture their specimens by taking photographs or drawing them and making notes in their nature notebooks.

Join Pip & Kim and discover the wonders of the natural world around you. Visit our Things to Do page for some exciting, creative activities and projects for the whole family. For young artists aged between 13 and 19 we have an exciting Butterfly Wings design competition too!

Stay Curious – The Project

Ilfracombe Museum is full of the weird and the wonderful and our eclectic collections engage and inspire audiences of all ages. Established on the seafront in 1932 by a former museum collector, the museum is independently run and we welcome locals and tourists throughout the year. The surprising range of exhibits and hands-on journey of discovery is part of our unique charm. Our staff and volunteers are especially proud of the strong relationship we have with local families and children and we provide a programme of interactive activity to explore our collections.

The Stay Curious project is inspired by our diverse collections, with our wide range of exhibits offering curiosity and amazement. As we have been closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this project enables us to use our wonderful collections to reconnect, inspire and give back to our community. We have developed an exciting programme of activities and events that you can access online and hopefully, later on in person, between now and the end of June.

Ilfracombe museum is grateful to Art Fund who have made the Stay Curious project possible through their Respond & Reimagine funding programme. Respond & Reimagine is Art Fund’s dedicated Covid 19 support fund for museums and galleries, designed to support innovative projects proposed by the museums, to help them adapt to the challenges of Covid 19.

art fund
Amanda McCormack Artist North Devon

Stay Curious – Artist in Residence

I’m Mandi and I am the Artist in Residence for the Stay Curious project at Ilfracombe Museum. Between March and June 2021, I will be working with the Museum to create an art installation and a timetable of family activities and events inspired by the weird and wonderful natural world exhibits at Ilfracombe Museum.

I graduated from The University of Derby in 1994 with a BSc in Biological Imaging, a dual degree uniting the study of Biology with Film, Video and Sound. I am thrilled that Stay Curious is an opportunity for me to share my two greatest passions; the natural world and creative visual arts.

I live in North Devon immersed in the beauty of inspirational rural and coastal environments, whose communities and wildlife inform my creative work.

You can follow the progress of the Stay Curious project on my Instagram @call_me_mandi