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We are particularly rich in natural science collections, and hold an important resource of First World War photographs and letters for Ilfracombe.

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Here is an overview of the scope of our collections

  • Photographs, paintings, engravings and other pictures of the Ilfracombe area.
  • Domestic social items – ceramics, glass, metalwork, wooden items, dolls, toys and costume.
  • Agricultural items – mainly hand-tools.
  • Cobbler’s, printer’s and other craftsmen’s tools and equipment.
  • Clocks, watches, surveying instruments and other scientific equipment.
  • Coins, tokens and medals.
  • Maritime history items relating to Ilfracombe and elsewhere, including ship models.
  • Militaria from the Civil War to World War Two, including antique firearms and edged weapons.
  • A collection of World War Two press photographs.
  • An important and rare town collection of around 400 framed photographs of First World War servicemen and women.
  • Ethnographic items including collections from South America, Africa and Asia and the Far East.
  • Archaeological material local and non-local, mainly worked flint from the North Devon area.
  • Geological material, minerals and fossils local and non-local.
  • Mounted British and non-British reptiles, birds and mammals (including old specimen game heads and some new educational displays of British species).
  • An important collection of British Bats preserved in fluid and cabinets of British and non-British birds eggs.
  • Cabinets of butterflies, moths, beetles, shells and other invertebrates British and non-British.
  • Herbaria including pressed flowering plants, ferns and seaweed;
  • Archives of books, documents and papers relating to the area of interest, mainly available for reference rather than display, including a collection of bound copies of Ilfracombe newspapers 1871 – 1953.